A Few Words

About Us

Do you ever ask yourself why always try to keep up with your competitors when you can stay ahead instead!

Bonjour from Productil!

My name is Amine and I’m a Business Application Specialist / Web Developer with over 15 years of experience. I have worked with some of the biggest IT industries out there, from being an ERP Data Transformation/Migration Specialist to Lead Web Developer. When i launched Productil, I made it my mission as an IT Professional to bring Enterprise-Level Technologies and make innovation accessible to anyone, no matter the size of your business.

Whether you’re just starting an online business and need the right support and tools to grow efficiently or you’re already an established one who need to accelerate their growth, my team and I got your back.

Amine Kafal, Bsc. Computer Sciences, MBA
Our Mission

We are fully committed to elevating our clients to new heights. We want to help you grow and compete with the big guys.

Understanding Your Business

To be able to truly understand our customers, and deliver reliable results, we have to be aware of what challenges and opportunities they face. Whether it’s a new eCommerce site that integrates with their traditional Point of Sales(POS), transforming their current IT environment(ERP, CRM, CSM,…) or maximising productivity at the right cost, we have the experience. 

Best Practices & Latest Innovations

We bring enterprise-level technologies and help entrepreneurs, startups and large businesses to build amazing web solutions by leveraging the latest and most adequate web technologies to accelerate their business growth.

Who Are We

We are Hybrid Consultants

We are consultants and interim employees at the same time for all our customers. Client Focus being an essential part of our approach, we team up with you, understand your business and provide you with the best practices and tools to help you implement the most adequate solutions for your business.

Management Consulting

Consultants bring a critical, outsider’s point of view to the table. They question things and contribute external knowledge from other companies and industries. This knowledge helps to initiate change and make businesses more competitive. What is often lacking, however, is a feeling for the reality their clients face.



Staffing companies are mostly used to manage HR bottlenecks. They are involved in processes and put decisions into action – every day. Although they come from outside the company, they often forget that their outsider’s perspective can be beneficial.



Seize the advantage and close the gap: Hybrid Consulting lets us be actively involved in a company’s day-to-day business without losing our critical outsider’s perspective. Our Business Integrators and Implementers are supported by experienced coaches who ensure that we never lose sight of the goal.